Entrepreneurs in Progress


 Listen to our real-life lessons and what we’ve learned along the way to grow and scale our businesses to six and seven figures!  We have one simple goal: to connect with other entrepreneurs through meaningful conversations about running your own business, what has and hasn’t worked for us and benchmarking our wins and losses. 

In the end, we are developing an entrepreneurial community focused on encouragement, connectedness and sharing insights that are both authentic and actionable.  

This podcast is dedicated to documenting and sharing how two female entrepreneurs strive to thrive.

We’re excited to pick you up on this journey! Hold tight, we’re on our way!  

meet your hosts

Bridgett Price


Lauren Kemp


Bridgett Price

Bridgett has been an unofficial entrepreneur for close to 15 years, aka the Robin to her husband’s Batman as he started business after business. She officially became an entrepreneur in 2015, launching a consulting company before starting a residential cleaning company, with her husband, Marcus, in late 2017.

In a little over three years, Bridgett and her husband have grossed over $1.2 million dollars in sales and have been profitable every year in business, (whew, what a relief)! When she isn’t plotting and scheming her next idea or venture, she’s either reading a great book, catching up on reality T.V., or enjoying a glass of wine (all three on any given Sunday is optimal). 

Lauren Kemp

Lauren never imagined she would grow up to become an entrepreneur! She still considers herself a newbie, but is now 1.5 years deep into full-time self-employment and (mostly) used to all the ups & downs.

She’s currently working on a software consulting business with her husband, Brian (and adorable pup, Indiana Bones). Oh, and recording this podcast! She’s a huge fan of remote work, an advocate for mental health & progressive company culture policies, and a sucker for a cute mug & cozy sweater.